Open Letter

*PUBLIC INVITATION TO ALL OMEGAPRO BLACK & CROWN DIAMONDS: Request for a Formal Meeting with OmegaPro Action Nigeria [OPANI] Investment Recovery Taskforce Members*

[*To ALL Omegapro Investors: Below is the complete text of the formal invitation letter we sent ot ALL black and crown diamonds of Omegapro in our sincere effort to engage with them on your behalf. So far NONE OF THEM has responded to our invitation*]

Dear Omegapro Black & Crown Diamonds,

I trust this message finds you in good health. I am writing to you on behalf of a significant group of over 10,000 investors in Nigeria who have collectively appointed us as their representatives within the Omegapro Action Nigeria Investors community.

We understand that you have played a prominent role as a Black Diamond or Crown Diamond within the Omegapro network, and as such, we sincerely believe that you have both direct and indirect influence on a substantial number of investors before they invested. You are also in an excellent position to help us locate investors’ money and hold the original owners of the scheme accountable both locally and internationally.

As you are aware, MORE THAN N100 BILLION of Nigerian money, converted into foreign currency/crypto investments, seems to have disappeared overnight in the Omegapro Business over the past 12 months with no visible organized effort being made to help them recover it.

*Request for a Formal Meeting:*

In light of our shared responsibilities (for us as representatives of 1,000s of investors who appointed us to represent them and you as an influencer, marketer and endorser of the omegapro forex investment scheme) and the magnitude of the challenges we face, we kindly request you to participate in a formal meeting with the Omegapro Action Nigeria rep sent stoves .

For emphasis and more clarity, Omegapro Action Nigeria is a class /community of investors who invested in Omegapro, many of them as a result of your direct and indirect influence through your rank status, public training, marketing efforts, and videos submitted by thousands of investors.

Please be assured that our aim in calling for this direct interaction with you as an OmegaPro leader at this time, is to engage in open and constructive dialogue with key figures in the Omegapro network who have significantly contributed to its growth and have earned millions, if not billions, in commissions over the past three years.

*Agenda for the Meeting:*

During this meeting, which will be with you personally and the Taskforce Members of the Omegapro Action Nigeria, we would like to individually discuss several critical topics with you, including:

1. *Investigation and Due Diligence:* We seek clarity regarding the extent of investigation and due diligence you conducted before your association with Omegapro, as it is crucial for us to understand your perspective and possible culpability or innocence in the developing situation.

2. *Ownership Information:* We are interested in any insights you may have on the main owners of Omegapro and how we can find them and hold them accountable. This information is essential as it can assist us in our pursuit of justice.

3. *Support for Downlines:* Given your influential position, we believe that discussing potential ways to alleviate the concerns of your downline investors is paramount.

*Equitable Duty of Care:*

We firmly believe that individuals who have benefited significantly from commissions derived from investors have an equitable duty of care toward those they have influenced. We are also aware of the level of trust that has been placed in your leadership, training, and guidance by those who invested in Omegapro. Therefore, it is of paramount importance to reassure them by meeting with their representatives and offering practical contributions towards helping them recover their money.


Your willingness to meet with us would not only demonstrate your commitment to the well-being of your downline investors but also showcase your readiness to address the concerns raised by the Omegapro Action Nigeria Investors community, while also holding yourself accountable for your part in the Omegapro investment debacle.

We have set aside Monday, November 6th, to Wednesday, November 8th, with hours from 2 pm to 10 pm for a 2-hour meeting with our Taskforce Members.

Please direct your response , and the time most convenient for you, in any of the given days, to with a copy to

If you would also like to call and ask clarification questions about this proposed meeting with you, please call our Taskforce Executive Secretary, Madam Karis Olaniyi at +234 703 792 5453 or myself (WhatsApp or text only) at +14022080089

Thank you for your time and consideration.

We look forward to the possibility of engaging in productive discussions that can benefit all stakeholders involved.

Warm regards,

______________________________ __________________________________

Dr. Ope Banwo Karis Olaniyi

Chairman/Coordinating Attorney Executive Secretary

Omegapro Action Nigeria [Investors Recovery TaskForce]

P/S This Open Letter has also been INDIVIDUALLY SENT by Text and Whatsapp Attachment to ALL the underlisted Omegapro Black and Crown Diamonds to ensure they get it since their complaint has been that we did not contact them.