For Justice, Accountability, Duty of Care and Final Retrieval of Investment from OmegaPro 

Dear Omegapro Investors,

As we continue our collective efforts to recover the investments made in the Omegapro business by Nigerians, we find it essential to emphasize why it is imperative to hold top promoters accountable, particularly those with the rank of Black Diamonds and higher, for their role in the Omegapro scam.

To clarify, we also acknowledge that lower-ranked marketers bear some responsibility and accountability in this matter. However, individuals who significantly benefited from, or were most visibly involved in, promoting the scam are usually the primary focus of accountability. In this case, it is the Black and Crown Diamonds who will be the first to account for their actions, following the established practices in the financial and investment industry.

It’s important to understand that our intent is not persecution or vendetta. Instead, it aligns with the principles of justice and fairness upheld globally in matters of this nature. We hold the Black and Crown Diamonds accountable because they bear both legal and moral responsibility for this situation and have been actively deceiving those who trusted them.

Despite attempts to undermine our efforts and misrepresent my role as the chairman and coordinating attorney for the investors, our commitment to justice remains steadfast. Our approach is rooted in fairness, transparency, and accountability, as promised from the outset.


This website is developed for all OmegaPro Investors in Nigeria to give a wider publicity to the scam of OmegaPro and thereby display their displeasure and action. In case you have not given your consent to be represented by Dr. Ope Banwo please do so now by clicking the above "GIVE YOUR CONSENT" button